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New Englands “Funnest”    
             Party Band!!!

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Time to Plan your Wedding?...
 Need a FUN PARTY BAND for your special day???
     Then look no further...
       Wild Nites and the C&B Horns covers All Styles for All ages!!!
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“Wedding Band” vs. “Party Band”
  Wild Nites is not a typical "wedding band", our idea is to bring the night club vibe to your wedding or event with class! 
Based out of southern MA/RI, we have traveled to CT, NH, VT & ME. With over 16 years experience in performing All throughout New England, The band knows how to read a crowd and quickly decide what tune to play next, as we are not stuck to a fixed set list, and much like a live DJ, make decisions based on the crowd to tailor fit your evening. 
 After all Wedding Introductions and dinner, the band traditionally sets the tone to official "Party Mode" and "Loosens Up" by changing from “Shirt & Tie” to “Hawaiian Shirt” attire. At this point the band invites the audience to be part of the show, by handing out various tambourines, maracas and cowbells to shake and bang on, and outfit your guests with crazy Party Hats, wigs, clown suits, Hawaiian Lei's and grass skirts! All while we go out to the crowd with wireless microphones for everybody to sing along with. 
             Frequently Asked Questions about WN Weddings...

 Does Wild Nites MC during the Wedding?
 Absolutely! As part of our duties we take care of ALL Announcements and Introductions of the Bridal Party including traditional wedding dances and activities, with a Fun, Charismatic and Playful Wild Nites twist.
 Can Wild Nites play during cocktail hour or dinner?
 Yes, we have performed during cocktail hour and/or during dinner as an acoustic solo/duo right up to the full band and can be added in as an extra.
Typically the band plays premixed MP3s during dinner (and can be custom tailored for the B&G) which saves the live performance time for the dance/party sets, allowing a longer dance/party section of your reception. When given the choice the majority of modern B&G’s prefer this alternative to the traditional “dinner set”. However when requested we can also add live music during dinner as well.
Will the band learn a special song for the First Dance?
 Yes we are willing and able to learn any song for a ceremonial dance*
*(a tune which we feel that we can do justice to, ex. We’re certain none of the boys will want to belt out a power ballad by Mariah Carey). However many of todays B&G’s do prefer to hear the original recording of their “special song”, which we will gladly accommodate. If we happen to not have a particular song in our files, we will be sure to purchase/download the mp3 file as part of our services. 
Does the band offer Music for the Ceremony?
 Yes, we have performed during many ceremonies aside from the reception. Whether it be the original (mp3) recording or an acoustic guitar and vocalist, piano, organ, saxophone, trumpet fanfare, brass quartet or even add any instrument or voice to an existing organist at a church.
Do you offer Uplighting or Video Monitors?
 Yes, we offer state of the art Wireless LED Uplighting, with the capabilities to match any colors to your wedding theme. LCD Video Monitors are also available to display pictures and a custom Wedding Logo.
Feel free to contact us to discuss any of your wedding questions
                                           BE PART OF THE BAND!
 We encourage brides and grooms to come on stage and sing with the band! Select any song from our extensive song list or jump on stage when the moment “feels right” and belt out a tune with us! After all It's Your Special Day!
Does the B&G or anybody in your wedding party play an instrument?
Come and jam with the band for a few tunes. We have had full bands reunite at many weddings, and it is a great opportunity to capture it on video while performing on a full pro sound system with lighting and the works!
                               LIVE BAND Vs. DJ
 Why decide on only one??... we are both!
We include (premixed) DJ services during the bands breaks, cocktail hour and dinner if needed at no extra charge. If you prefer a "Live DJ" we are a full service DJ as well and can easily be added to any wedding package.
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